Who is Dr Jill?

From being a sports therapist for the Canadian Olympic Judo team to becoming a general practitioner in sunny Australia, Dr Jill Gamberg has lived a life full of exciting experiences and stories to tell.  

Growing up as an athlete (a rhythmic gymnast) and in the outdoors in Canada, it’s no wonder why health and preventative medicine have been at the forefront of her professional life.  

This description, as you will soon discover, only skims the surface of who she really is.

As a sport therapist, it was her job to rehabilitate injured athletes and create training programs to help bring out their best.

Her interest in medicine and drive to learn more is what brought her to Australia in 2003, where she studied a Bachelor of Medicine and Surgery at the University of New South Wales.

Due to her prior education in the field, she received advanced standing and graduated with Honours from the six-year Medical School course within four years.  

She then moved on to her resident doctor training at the Prince of Wales Hospital in Sydney. Then she undertook her GP training in the beautiful countryside of New South Wales. The training program took her to places such as Port Stephens, Lake Macquarie and Newcastle.  Finally settling as a GP in beautiful Sydney near the beach.

With a wide range of travel stories under her belt after visiting over 50 countries, it is clear how much she values the opportunity to experience the world around us.

 “I’ve been to every continent except Antarctica, but that’s definitely on my list,” Jill says with a laugh.  

She is fascinated by the things she experienced during her years of travelling, including meeting different people, tasting the different flavours of the world and learning how to communicate with those who don’t speak the same language as she does.

“One of my favourite things about travelling is, I got to experience so many different cultures, eat different kinds of food and see how other people live,” she says.

As busy as her life is, she tries to make time to indulge in her passion for exercise and wellbeing by doing the Bondi to Coogee Beach coastal walk every week.

“That’s my weekly commitment to getting outside. It’s good for the mental health, for the body, and for the mind,” Jill explains.

The importance of keeping active and healthy living is one of the main lessons she tries to teach her young daughters.

“[In today’s society] we have a lot of obesity and obesity related disease.  Sixty percent of Australian adults, and 25% of children are overweight and obese.  These numbers are staggering and only getting higher each year.  I think it’s really important to teach our children how to be healthy and active from when they’re little,” Jill says.  

Non-communicable disease or chronic disease is now the number one cause of death and disability in the developed world.  Wellness and prevention of disease is where our governments should be concentrating their funds and their efforts.  The field of lifestyle medicine is a multidisciplinary approach to maintenance of wellness.  It means taking care of ourselves and being as healthy as we can, in order to prevent disease.  Lifestyle medicine is about eating well, getting active, stressing less, sleeping soundly and maintaining healthy relationships.  Join the movement!